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Five Reasons to Consume Black Pig

Did you know that there are countless advantages to consuming Black Pork meat?

Protetor cardiovascular

Cardiovascular protector

Thanks to extensive breeding, rich in monounsaturated fatty acids namely oleic acid, we protect cardiovascular diseases.

Meat substitute

100 gr of Black Pork Ham contains 43 g of protein, so it can substitute any red meats
Baixo teor calórico

Low calorie

100 gr of Black pork meat represent 300 Kcal, contributing to a hypocaloric diet.


Black pork products are rich in vitamin E and therefore have beneficial effects as antioxidants.
Rico em vitaminas e mineraisv2

Vitamins and Minerals

Black Pork meat provides vitamin B1, B6, B12 and folic acid, beneficial for the proper functioning of the cerberus. Also rich in minerals like iron.

Awarded Quality

National Agriculture Fair 2019

Certified Quality

For the manufacture of sausages, ham, shoulder ham, preparation and processing of Black Pork meat