About us


A record of which we are proud

Montaraz is a meat processing company of Black Pig raised in the field, located in Garvão, in the heart of the Alentejo, in the municipality of Ourique, the Capital of the wellnone Alentejo Pigs.

The project was born from the will of a group of producers of Black Pig and some elements linked to the transformation of this meat of excellence, driven by the passion for the breed, and committed to disseminate and make available to the market, the best quality products.
The production is monitored and controlled in the farms of Montaraz associates, where the animals graze freely, taking advantage of the predominant ecosystem in Alentejo, characterized by Azinheira and Cork Oak forests. There, the Black Pig harvests the acorn, fruit of these rich trees In oleic acid that once mixed in the genetics of the breed, gives the meat a fat infiltration finishing in a marbling, unique , healthy, and unmistakable taste and aroma.